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Results can be summarized as follows:

  1. Five major nodes (payers): health, family, education, business innovation & skills, local government disperse 88% of the total budget.
  2. The major payees are local authorities or funds responsible for the proper exploitation and utilization of the funds received. There are also private companies receiving money for goods and services mainly IT, telecom and consulting.
  3. The dispersion of the public budget is made through 26 agents (payers). Fifteen of them act as brokers in the graph (as they are payees as well).

In the illustration above, we can see the organizations, which act as “brokers” scattering money in the network. The color defines the size of their payees as their positions on the graph. The organizations that are clustered are the ministry of justice, min. of defence, HMRC, Home Office etc.

Public Payments to Forbes Global 2000 Companies

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