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Results can be summarized as follows:

  1. there two major projects in Greece: the Subway in Athens and Thessaloniki and Egnatia Runway in North Greece.
  2. the major constructions projects in the country are funded through the General Secretariat of Public Works.
  3. the Ministry of Public Order was involved in significant construction works in regard to other ministries or regional authorities.
  4. Universities and research institutes are important hubs in the network maintaining a wide network of payees that offer a variety of services for them and are significant contributors to the dispersion of funds. This also applies to Regional Authorities in local scale.
  5. Pension Funds, Labour Office and other social security institutes have a significant amount of payments for services and are important agents in the network presented, independently of their actual spending for pensions or social security allowances.
  6. Hospitals are also important hubs (spenders) in the network. They spend mainly on special services, drugs and materials specialized for medical use and therefore a cloud of companies (payees) is gathered around them offering the needed.
  7. There are several companies (~5.200) that have involvement in public spending and in their majority are listed in the top companies in Greece.

In the illustration above, we can see the characteristics of the network principal nodes. In other words, we can see who spends or receives large amount of money (the size of the node is directly related -weighted degree), while the color of the node defines the connection range (red: many connections, blue: fewer connections). It is easily shown that construction companies are clustered (too large amounts in respect to the rest organizations), while the color distinguishes payers from payess (too many versus fewer connections respectively).

In the illustration above, we can see the organizations, which act as “brokers” scattering money in the network. The color defines the size of their payees as their positions on the graph. The organizations that are clustered are the Social Security Agency (ΙΚΑ), several ministries (ministry of economics, ministry of public order etc.), municipalities, prefectures, as well as universities, research institutes and hospitals.

In the illustration above, we can see the major payees (bigger nodes). Their size is relevant to the amount of payments they receive, while their color is relevant to the probability value of receiving money according to their weighted connections (organizations as payers).

Public Payments to Forbes Global 2000 Companies

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