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OriginAmount# Payments
United Kingdom£00
United States$00
State of Alaska$278,216110
State of Massachusetts$3,5563
City of Chicago$00

Payments in detail

Country NamePayer NamePayment Category (according to CPV)Amount
State of AlaskaLEGISLATIVE AFFAIRSFreezing equipment11,185
State of AlaskaALASKA COURT SYSTEMFreezing equipment9,680
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVFreezing equipment7,557
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVFreezing equipment7,547
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSFreezing equipment7,079
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVTools7,006
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVMaintenance of information technology software6,160
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYReceipt books5,926
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEFreezing equipment5,845
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEFreezing equipment5,491
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMETools4,968
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVFreezing equipment4,955
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSReceipt books4,920
State of AlaskaDEPT. OF LAWFreezing equipment4,634
State of AlaskaALASKA COURT SYSTEMTools4,580
State of AlaskaPUBLIC SAFETYFreezing equipment4,549
State of AlaskaNATURAL RESOURCESTools4,445
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYReceipt books4,373
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEBusiness forms4,229
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMETools4,171
State of AlaskaNATURAL RESOURCESFreezing equipment4,121
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVFreezing equipment3,796
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEFreezing equipment3,705
State of AlaskaTRANSPORTATION & PFTools3,667
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYBusiness forms3,601
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVCanvas items3,544
State of AlaskaNATURAL RESOURCESTools3,391
State of AlaskaPUBLIC SAFETYFreezing equipment3,318
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEFreezing equipment3,277
State of AlaskaPUBLIC SAFETYFreezing equipment3,248
State of AlaskaPUBLIC SAFETYParking enforcement services3,239
State of AlaskaDEPT ADMINISTRATIONBuilding materials3,154
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYParts, accessories and supplies for computers3,010
State of AlaskaCOMM,COMM & ECON DEVTools2,994
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVTools2,917
State of AlaskaCOMM,COMM & ECON DEVTools2,912
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVIT software package2,840
State of AlaskaDEPT. OF CORRECTIONSSafety equipment2,824
State of AlaskaLEGISLATIVE AFFAIRSFreezing equipment2,741
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVCanvas items2,705
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSReceipt books2,682
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVCanvas items2,599
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEElectrical materials2,464
State of AlaskaLEGISLATIVE AUDITFreezing equipment2,380
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYReceipt books2,252
State of AlaskaTRANSPORTATION & PFFreezing equipment2,232
State of AlaskaLEGISLATIVE AUDITFreezing equipment2,200
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSSafety equipment2,125
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYBusiness forms2,056
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSTobacconist supplies2,035
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMETools2,022
State of AlaskaALASKA COURT SYSTEMBusiness forms1,998
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEReceipt books1,950
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSFreezing equipment1,900
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYTools1,854
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSReceipt books1,834
State of MassachusettsDepartment Of Developmental ServicesTeaching supplies1,753
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMETobacconist supplies1,685
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMESafety equipment1,564
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSTools1,554
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVTools1,525
State of AlaskaGOVERNOR'S OFFICETools1,516
State of AlaskaNATURAL RESOURCESFreezing equipment1,503
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYFreezing equipment1,486
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSLaboratory glassware1,425
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYTools1,400
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYReceipt books1,357
State of AlaskaDEPT ADMINISTRATIONReceipt books1,354
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYCalculation of costs, monitoring of costs1,346
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMETobacconist supplies1,344
State of AlaskaDEPT. OF LAWBusiness forms1,294
State of AlaskaCOMM,COMM & ECON DEVBusiness forms1,290
State of AlaskaDEPT ADMINISTRATIONTools1,283
State of AlaskaNATURAL RESOURCESSoftware maintenance and repair services1,258
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVTools1,251
State of AlaskaDEPT. OF REVENUEFreezing equipment1,243
State of AlaskaDEPT. OF REVENUEReceipt books1,242
State of AlaskaPUBLIC SAFETYTools1,241
State of AlaskaALASKA COURT SYSTEMTools1,214
State of AlaskaDEPT ADMINISTRATIONFreezing equipment1,195
State of AlaskaPUBLIC SAFETYParking enforcement services1,187
State of AlaskaTRANSPORTATION & PFFreezing equipment1,180
State of AlaskaDEPT ADMINISTRATIONFreezing equipment1,170
State of AlaskaDEPT. OF CORRECTIONSBusiness forms1,167
State of AlaskaPUBLIC SAFETYParts, accessories and supplies for computers1,162
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEFreezing equipment1,134
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSLegal expenses insurance services1,128
State of AlaskaLEGISLATIVE AUDITReceipt books1,122
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYReceipt books1,122
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEBusiness forms1,110
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVBusiness forms1,094
State of AlaskaNATURAL RESOURCESParts, accessories and supplies for computers1,080
State of AlaskaPUBLIC SAFETYParking enforcement services1,075
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSTools1,066
State of AlaskaDEPT. OF CORRECTIONSReceipt books1,059
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMETools1,057
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSBusiness forms1,050
State of AlaskaMIL & VETERANS AFF.Tools1,032
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYTools1,024
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSReceipt books1,017
State of AlaskaALASKA COURT SYSTEMTools1,005
State of AlaskaLABOR & WORKFORCE DVCanvas items1,003
State of AlaskaNATURAL RESOURCESTools990
State of MassachusettsBerkshire Sheriff's DepartmentTeaching supplies942
State of MassachusettsMount Wachusett Community CollegeTeaching supplies861
State of AlaskaTRANSPORTATION & PFSoftware maintenance and repair services854
State of AlaskaNATURAL RESOURCESFreight transport agency services603
State of AlaskaHEALTH & SOCIAL SVCSFreezing equipment535
State of AlaskaEDUCATION & EARLYReceipt books287
State of AlaskaFISH & GAMEReceipt books161
State of AlaskaTRANSPORTATION & PFFreezing equipment150